Diagnostic Centers / Lab Services

The purpose of this module is to perform complete management process of the Laboratory from registering the Investigation Tests to the delivery of Result Reports independently or to the integrated inpatient department . It assists the specialists of the medical laboratory and the staff of the sampling procedural room and allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency.

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  • Lab Reports

    Just enter observed result values for selected patient and test - allows you to see preview of the report and print beautiful Lab reports, customised as per your need.

  • Lab Billing

    Select patient, services & payment details and bill will ready in just few clicks.

  • Customisable Print Options

    Print patient lab reports, bills and receipts with customisation allowed as per your letter head.

  • Patient Registration

    Quick and easy registration of patients with minimum required details and option to capture much more based on your requirement.

  • Administrator Control

    Admin has rights to Configure test report formats, test charges, discount, charge editability during billing etc. as suitable.

  • Activity Log

    Non-editable real time log for actions like patient registration, billing and payment transactions along with ‘when’ & ‘by whom’ of each action.

  • Reports

    1. Test/Procedure Wise Revenue Report.
    2. User Wise Collection Report.
    3. Day Wise Collection Report.
    4. Patient Wise Outstanding Report.
    5. Refered By Wise Patient Report.
    6. Area Wise Patient Report.
    7. Age Wise Patient Report.


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